How to play The 9/11 attack

 9/11 Attack 

            This is a story about a nice Tuesday Moring becomes a Smokey sky with a lot of people burning  into flames. Terrorists caused this to happen it was never an accident, the leader of Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden started this. The object of this game is defeating all the enemies (terroists) and save world history forever. First level is “Have no Fear” show the enemies we can fight back in a death battle. Second level is “The Helicopter Adventure” learning parts of a helicopter in order to defeat all enemies. Lastly, “The Final Mission” last chance we can show them how we kick butt!


            First Level is  Have No Fear, what you will be doing is learning what really happened on 9/11. You learn who started this and why they did. Then you will learn different words you have  never known that describe or explain the 9/11 attack. You need to learn this because this is what changed America forever. Including the world and how they were part of it. That was the first level of my game and what you will be learning in that level.

            Second level is “The Helicopter Adventure”, what you will be learning are parts of a helicopter, how the helicopter really works. Learning different things about them and how helicopters came to the scene of 9/11 attack. You will need to know the parts in order to beat not only the mission but, the whole game. Lastly, you will need to know why helicopters came to do for us and why.  That was the second level and what you needed to learn to beat this mission!     


             Third Level is “The Final Mission”, the last level of the game. You will be learning how 9/11 ended and how a lot of people ending up dead. Including, how some people lived from 9/11, from this terrible tragedy. Then you need to learn how there was a lot of smoke and not many people lived. Familes risking their lives  trying to save others. Lastly, you will learn how they killed Osama Bin Laden and how it was our turn to fight back! That was my last level and what you needed to know to succeed!


               In Conclusion, “Have no Fear”, “The Helicopter Aventure”, and “The Final Mission” were my 3 levels in my game. That was my 9/11 attack game and my explained writing piece on what my game is really about. Lastly, how this game includes a educational lesson, and a good story line.



The adventures of Mighty Girl

My name is Mighty Girl I am a hero and here to protect my people from nasty villains. I came from a planet called Mars. I can breathe no oxygen and still live. It is a gift my parents had given me when I was born. My parents had rised me good because I was a good kid. I did want I had to do. I had to fight crime and defeat evil from my enemy. I came to this planet so called Earth for a reason. To protect people that has a villain wanting to detroy them. I got my powers from my mom and dad. They have different powers than me but, my mom said that her grandmother had the exact powers as me! I wanted to see her. My mom said she had died before I was even born. I was so sad to hear that because I always wanted to know what it was like for someone else to have the same power as me. So I can learn more about it. At my planet we have a place called school. We have to learn about how we can control our powers without hurting ourselves. It is different though between the school you have on Earth. It is differnt because school on Mars is only 4 hours of school. Also we have no lunch because we usually have a snack but, we eat before and after school. It was either you eat over or just beginning of school. I chose this costume because I like the color blue. I got the red and yellow from my mom and dad. My mom’s favorite color is yellow and  my dad’s favorite color is red. So that’s how I got my colors. I decided to wear a eye mask is because that way the people would not know who I am without my superhero costume. When I had first started being a hero I was only 3 years old. I only get my powers when I can walk. I did not understand how I could do my powers on my first try. It did not end well. I was hurt pretty bad when I had used my powers at myself and I was sad. Then when I went to school everything was starting to get better. After while maybe like a year since I had been in school I have been progessing. Maybe like 7 years I had been in school I was really good. I could can control my powers and hit my enemys right in the target which was the heart or brain but we did not want to kill them we wanted to put the villain in jail. Then once I was old enough to go on my own, my teacher spins a wheel and lands on a country and a state in that country. It was time for me to get out of school and go to my state which was the U.S.A and the state was Calofronia. I knew what I had to do I was ready to go to that state and to fight crime and by the time I was there I was ready to fight!

SSR Project: The Main Character

 Title: Fearless

Pages: 263

Fearless book cover

Protagonist: Little Fearless

A. External Characteristics:

Little Fearless is about 11 years old because she says that her parents will come for her. On the front cover of the book she looks around that age. She has one dark brown eye and one light blue eye. She has long, very dark brown hair. She is very pale and thin (Page.238-239). I thought she looked like she was older because she was not scared at anything she was very brave. Also she sticks up for the girls to save them from bad people. She dies for them. She is a hero to them and will be always be remembered of what she has done. (pages. 211-216) It also says that little fearless is a child on page 193.

B. Internal Characteristics : My first adjective is courageous. I choose this adjective because it shows what she is. On
(page.215) it says, ” She was  courageous and the best.” Also On (page. 235) It says, ” Always be courageous. Always be yourself, Little Fearless.”

My second adjective is comfortable. My first example is (pages.228) It says, ” Little Little Fearless had worked hard to make the Institute look a lot more respectable and comfortable than it actually was. Also, on (page. 108) it says, “Although the bus was empty, there were welcoming lights inside and soft, that was comfortable to Little Fearless.”

My third adjective is amazment. My first example is on (page.83) It says, that “Then, with a stab of amazement, she saw that the faces were identical to the facesin Stech’s photograph. Also, on (page.89) “Much to her amazement, the policed laughed.”

My fourth adjective is gladness. My first example is on (page.98) It says, “Little Fearless wept with relief and gladness.”  Also on (page. 90) It says, ” Little Fearless said her was gladness and courage.”



By: Brooke Morris

When I woke up I was in jail first, I was very confused because I didn’t know why I was in jail. I thought for a little bit pacing around the cell I was in. I thought maybe because I had a huge headache when I first woke up. I have no idea how I got here but, there was someone else in the cell with me sleeping in the top bunk bed. It was a skinny little girl. She was about 9 years old, I tried to wake her up but, she acted like she was dead. I finally got her up she didn’t look very happy.

I asked her why I was here she had no idea but, she found something under bed a note that says Clues. And under it there’s step 1 step 2 and so on in till the last step which is step 4. The first step says that you must find the key to unhidden the enemy. At first I am like what? I knew this wasn’t a joke because I had found the key behind the sink in the cell. The second step was to look outside of the cell  and you will see a man with a black case that says Clues. Guess what? It was there!

I asked the man if I can have the case and he opened the cell and let us free and gave the case to me. I was surprised he did that. So I read the next step which is step 3. It says that open the case and you will see a driver’s license. I saw it. It was a picture of a man that was a police officer who looked very familiar. I found five things in my pocket. Cell phone, wallet, a tiny mirror, and a ski mask and a eyeliner sick.

I was remembering that night. I remember a man that was at my party and an old lady. He was trying to take her purse with her wallet, her cell phone, and a tiny mirror. Those were the things that I had in my pocket and sweat shirt. I thought that had something in common with the things that I had.

The last step, step 4 said: You should know the person who did it with the five things that you have, the robber!!! I was in shock. I know now that he set this up that he probably took all the money of the wallet because nothing was there. Also I saw the robber there talking to a police officer. It was time for me to make a call. I went by the telephone and escaped. I called 911 and told there was a robber on the loose and he set me up to put him in jail. So the robber confessed the truth and he ended up in jail.  Now I can spend my life enjoying every second of it.

Number of Words: 491   

My Digital Footprint

When I typed my name on Google it appeared as my name. I think that it appeared because I have a Facebook. If you don’t know what Facebook is, it is a website you go on. It says your name, picture, and birth date. I felt very weird because someone online will click on my name  and people  will see my Facebook page. I really don’t like the feeling also because it fells like they are stalking me by looking up my name online and looking at my picture on Facebook and looking at my birth date to see how old I am.

I looked up my name again without the city and I am a Assistant Director. Also a National Marketing and Communications at Ernst and Young. I felt when I saw that it made me excited. It made me excited because I am involved in a lot of things. Just because I looked up my name on Google.

My Top 5

My topic is stores. I am doing stores because I go shopping a lot. Also because it is fun but, you spend a whole lot of money.

My number 1 store is Aeropostale. I am choosing Areopostale because they have lots of pretty clothes and they are really cute. Also my second reason I like them is because lots of people from our school have these clothes and I think Areopostale has the prettiest clothes that I own.

My number 2 store is 5 Below. I am choosing this because they have lots of cool and creative stuff. Also my second reason is because everything in that store is $5.00 or less!!!

My number 3 store is the Dollar Tree. I am choosing this because they have every thing for a dollar!!! Also because you can buy whole lots of things for less.

My number 4 store is Target. I think they have very pretty clothes. Also because they have some really cheap stuff but, can be a lot of money sometimes.

My number 5 store is Walmart. I really like this store because you can get almost everything you want when you need it.

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Bucket List

1. I want to become famous.

2. I would like visit Alaska.

3. I would want to become a model.

4. For vacation I would like to go to Hawii.

5. I would want to visit the moon.

6. I would want to Skydiving.

7. I would want to Visit around the world

8.  I want to go to Russia.

9. I want to be animated drawler and have my own show.

10. I want to go to Hollywood to meet movie stars from Twlight.

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